Give up?

For some time now I have been debating on whether to continue bringing justice to light for all this woman “Romi” aka Ramona has done. 

She hasn’t stopped doing these things to men, so why should I stop bringing down a con artist?

People say, “let go” and “you’re consumed.”

Is there a difference in dedication to a cause and dwelling on a matter? 

This is one monster who should be put away for good. 

Ain’t get no dumber than you….

You keep coming back and looking at my blog. You’re a dumbass! Yes you, yea, you know who you are….

They say I’m stupid…..But you…’s a dumb


Ain’t get no dumber than you. What is it, rolling on the floor laughing my ass off?


You’re like a decrepit dirty cat that no one wants.


That’s what you are really doing. Screaming for help like a lil bitch.

Searching romi catfish or romi j kaelin?

Drop a comment here or email if there was something to ask.
Percentage wise, in the past 2-3 months I’ve had about 7% search related terms being “romi catfish” and “romi j kaelin” then people who searched those terms looked at my blog.

So what is the deal?

New victims?




MJ, i know it’s hard to understand why some of us do the things we do. Why your mother does the thing’s she does… Why I am doing the things I’m doing… life is a journey and whatever it throws at you, you embrace what you believe and feel is right.

I can not give you the answers. But I can enlighten you. Line a hundred people up, pick one and tell me what normal is. There is no easy way to get through life no matter what anyone says. Even wealthy people…

Trials make you who you’re going to be later on. Like this fiasco of your mother’s, for me, sure has taken a big part of me. Yet I have been able to see what kind of man I’d be in certain situations. Now it’s your turn to see what it makes you into. Where it takes you in life…

I only hope it makes you strong and diligent.

New development…

It’s interesting how many people contact me and claim to be family of this woman. Granted, yes, they are.

Just, one after another, after another… that’s the interesting part. Yet they all hide it from one another. Asking for me not to tell anyone. Despite them all knowing about it…

This whole thing has been rich in irony. Gold, pure gold! I will have a thick book to finish writing here soon.


The next chapter…

I can’t wait until this chapter of my life is over. I am tired of this, despite those who think I am “obsessed” with it. That just tells me how much they really know about me…

There is a difference in not knowing how to speak Mandarin and choosing not to speak in mandarin. It lets you know how full of shit people are.

As for my next chapter, I’ve pulled one of my motorcycles into my living room. I’ve been going through everything on it and am slowly rebuilding one of my bikes for relocating to Colombia. And I will start a new blog for my travels through all the countries I will be going through.

I will most likely be camping on my travels as well. Although I have considered trading two of my bikes for another 4×4 to use and carry my third bike with me. I just think I’ll stick with my motorcycle. I will post a link to the secondary blog for this when the time arises.

If this has happened to you and you have doubts….

…contact us.

If you met a woman online and she’s from idaho. And at some point in y’alls relationship she passed away but something doesn’t seem right. Contact us and we’ll see if she’s the same woman who’s scammed so many other men.


WANTED: Romi Kaelin $100,000,000.00 Reward

WANTED: Romi Kaelin
$100,000,000.00 Reward