Always the bad guy…

So I am nothing to you after all. You do this to me. I told you time and time again, I will not be deceived.

What the fuck did I do to you Ramona, for you to hate me so damn much? I never did anything to you to deserve this.

I’ve been alone most my life and yes, I’m dying literally. So now literally I have never, never felt so crushed and alone. I miss my friend. The only person I want my dying words to be spoken to and you do this to me!


You hurt me so and you know this to be true…
A man is dying, reaching out to you. Your cold hearted and pure evil. You kick me when I’m down, when your the one who tripped me and decide, well your already down there, so….

…I’ll kick ya, take your heart and smear it all over the ground in front of you, destroy your desires and dreams.

That’s what you do…

Well Sean, fuck you too. I didn’t deserve that from you either.



You say I’m the victim here but when it came down to it… You left me hangin. That’s cool, whatever. Someone’s got to be the bad guy so others can be the good guy, right asshole?



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