Romi, honesty? /:)

Since I let you know that I knew everything. You insisted that you would be honest.
How can I believe you so, when you wouldn’t even tell me your name. Time and time and time again I asked, what’s your name?!?

How can you expect me to believe you when to be honest. You suck at the games you play. Your a shitty con man. Your operation fell apart from the inside.

Your dumb for not being observant enough. Example, which I can’t even understand why you even are doing this.


This is over a month after your “caught” constantly telling me your husband knows, that he sees your pain and sees you wear my ring….

Love, look closely. Look real close….


What’s left to say?

Your a bitch?

I feel sorry for that other man.

0 days left.

Well love, I’m sorry I am such a joke to you. Please remember the man that was born for you. How he was, how he loved you so. How is every thought was of it being true when he only knew better. It’s my fault, I put my heart out on my sleeve, you held it and played it to the beat.

Remember this man you say never sways from his character, who never swayed from his love.

The next time you see me, you’ll remember how I used to be, love…





The irony in your fiasco

What’s this called? I was so many moves behind in the beginning because I put my heart out on my sleeve. Is it my fault your sister dove into my world? That I caught in and I was 100 moves ahead up to now, that I constantly gave hints that I caught on… Is it my fault she scammed someone she underestimated? That I go deeper then that petty life of a con artist…

R, remember, one of the many Xbox live accounts I have is… ‘Ironic isnt it’

So, isn’t it ironic that you were repeatedly informed I knew and you still continued your fiasco. I can laugh about that at least.

Don’t dismiss every Joe Schmoe. It’d only be a woman who could do that to me. I dismissed her and underestimated her. Just a coincidence or occupational hazard?

Can’t believe I said it…..

Well, I never thought the words would come out my mouth but they did…

“Well if its a scooter you really want, I’m sure I can get you one.”

As I’m trying to understand what this guy wants. My original offer was a 250cc bike for his zx9r that he’s trading for a 150cc scooter.

Ugh… As a biker I never thought I’d be offering a scooter for a ninja zx9r, a 95 but still….

Who’s the director now.

You played dead. You killed yourself off.

I left that world of deception for you. You weren’t suppose to be apart of it.

Well, this is my world. Not yours.

4 more days after tonight…

I raised my flag long ago. You should of done the same.

Of course I need counseling after what you’ve put me through. Who wouldn’t!

Well, my world now, my rules. Even after I’m dead I can still have things in motion. You can’t stop what you started a year and half ago or should I say 4 years ago…. I can’t stop what happens after I’m dead.

Only she will benefit from your fiasco. I’m at least okay with that.

My world, I’m the director here.


Ramona, you say this was retaliation.
No, retaliation would be, making sure I don’t die, that I live on. Otherwise you wouldn’t need to worry about your little secrets getting out.

No… Retaliation is me instilling in your husbands mind, that child could possibly be someone else. As you and I are the only two who know the truth. Even if I tell Sean we never met, a lie don’t care who tells it.


Retaliation is 2019 coming around. You holding Sunday dinners. Mariah being late, not acting herself.

Retaliation is her walking in. You asking why she’s late and her replying about her boyfriend.

… You notice a chain around her neck. Being the mother you are, asking her about it. As she shows you, in shock you recognize this necklace.

“Thinking of you” ❤

…. That is retaliation Ramona.

I wish I knew…

What is it called, when you can’t tell where one hand begins and the other ends.

When you don’t know what is or isn’t and which ways forward.

What’s it called when you’ve given life all you got. Whether it was good or bad you did your best. Whether bad was for good or just the sake of doing it…

When you know what you are, yet you know you should be something else.

What’s that called again?

Your secret world.

A dream, that’s all ill remain to you. I must be one of the lucky survivors from your wake. A dream you hold dear to yourself in your secret little world only you know about.

Your sick. You must really hurt deep down. I know I’m not that good looking. I never knew what you saw in me. But for some reason it took all this, for you to finally let me go. I know you’ll have silent conversations of me between you and your tears some nights. I know apart of you cared about me, I just don’t know why.

Or Janet being the first woman in 8 years I was with intimately wouldn’t of bothered you. It really bothered you when you found out that I hadn’t been a sick lil puppy and stayed a widowed distraught father at your hands. That I caught on and that I made love to another woman.

It bothers me too. Your a bitch….