Romi, honesty? /:)

Since I let you know that I knew everything. You insisted that you would be honest.
How can I believe you so, when you wouldn’t even tell me your name. Time and time and time again I asked, what’s your name?!?

How can you expect me to believe you when to be honest. You suck at the games you play. Your a shitty con man. Your operation fell apart from the inside.

Your dumb for not being observant enough. Example, which I can’t even understand why you even are doing this.


This is over a month after your “caught” constantly telling me your husband knows, that he sees your pain and sees you wear my ring….

Love, look closely. Look real close….


What’s left to say?

Your a bitch?

I feel sorry for that other man.

23 thoughts on “Romi, honesty? /:)

    • I’m willing to give you one of my numbers to call. This doesn’t have to be a game.

      I’m not one to fuck with, if, your not who your claiming to be. Please tell me you didn’t get a tattoo. Pretty much because of her. Tell me your not in a relationship with her and you know of her husband. But I’m sure you don’t. You would of used her real name…

      You should really read my blog. Or I’ll just assume you aren’t catching on to any part of it. At all….

    • my name is mariah…. i am ramona’s daughter (romi j kaelin as you know her as) please don’t tell her that i told you… please! it is very important that you dont… she doesnt know that i know what she has done yet.

    • Okay. Just give me a second. I was in the middle of rolling a blunt. Trust me, this isn’t easy for me either. I’m just a different type of person. I’m prepared for that. Just not the damn child as she means a lot to me.

  1. ok man. Im not messing with anyone. Just looking for the truth. I want to know the truth so if I was misled I can at least move on with my life. Who is Romi?

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