Romi J Kaelin scam

To whom it may concern. If you’ve met a woman in Idaho, going by Romi J Kaelin… Your being scammed and its not just her in this fiasco.

This woman…


She claims to have liver failure then kills herself off.

She has not passed away!

She is alive and well.

You aren’t alone in this painful time nor must you suffer at the hands of this woman.

Feel free to contact me. I know there’s many of us. We don’t have to be enemies, we’re all apart of the “Romi kaelin scandal support group for men”….

3 thoughts on “Romi J Kaelin scam

  1. Wow.. I use to talk to this woman years and years ago.. but I was the one who stopped talking to her. I knew the “thing” we had was too good to be true. So crazy this happened to me and others as well.. mind blowing. Glad I didn’t follow through.. sure her brother and family knows all this by now.

    • Yeah? She’s been conning men for over a decade. Real catch her. Ramona I mean. Her husband lives in denial of her second life last i knew. Her brother acted cool to begin with then slowly turned on me. I don’t understand her family. Most of them know. I know damn well I’ve contacted about everyone I could. Track down other victims and try to help them. You’re the first from her past in a couple years.
      I feel bad for her daughter the most. Can’t day much about the other kid. Didn’t know them.
      If you ever want to talk just hit me up through comments and if it’s inappropriate for publish I won’t publish it. But do understand I’m going to publish comments if appropriate.

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