Give up?

For some time now I have been debating on whether to continue bringing justice to light for all this woman “Romi” aka Ramona has done. 

She hasn’t stopped doing these things to men, so why should I stop bringing down a con artist?

People say, “let go” and “you’re consumed.”

Is there a difference in dedication to a cause and dwelling on a matter? 

This is one monster who should be put away for good. 

Ain’t get no dumber than you….

You keep coming back and looking at my blog. You’re a dumbass! Yes you, yea, you know who you are….

They say I’m stupid…..But you…’s a dumb


Ain’t get no dumber than you. What is it, rolling on the floor laughing my ass off?


You’re like a decrepit dirty cat that no one wants.


That’s what you are really doing. Screaming for help like a lil bitch.

If this has happened to you and you have doubts….

…contact us.

If you met a woman online and she’s from idaho. And at some point in y’alls relationship she passed away but something doesn’t seem right. Contact us and we’ll see if she’s the same woman who’s scammed so many other men.


WANTED: Romi Kaelin $100,000,000.00 Reward

WANTED: Romi Kaelin
$100,000,000.00 Reward