Searching romi catfish or romi j kaelin?

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Percentage wise, in the past 2-3 months I’ve had about 7% search related terms being “romi catfish” and “romi j kaelin” then people who searched those terms looked at my blog.

So what is the deal?

New victims?



Romi J Kaelin scam

To whom it may concern. If you’ve met a woman in Idaho, going by Romi J Kaelin… Your being scammed and its not just her in this fiasco.

This woman…


She claims to have liver failure then kills herself off.

She has not passed away!

She is alive and well.

You aren’t alone in this painful time nor must you suffer at the hands of this woman.

Feel free to contact me. I know there’s many of us. We don’t have to be enemies, we’re all apart of the “Romi kaelin scandal support group for men”….

The irony in your fiasco

What’s this called? I was so many moves behind in the beginning because I put my heart out on my sleeve. Is it my fault your sister dove into my world? That I caught in and I was 100 moves ahead up to now, that I constantly gave hints that I caught on… Is it my fault she scammed someone she underestimated? That I go deeper then that petty life of a con artist…

R, remember, one of the many Xbox live accounts I have is… ‘Ironic isnt it’

So, isn’t it ironic that you were repeatedly informed I knew and you still continued your fiasco. I can laugh about that at least.

Don’t dismiss every Joe Schmoe. It’d only be a woman who could do that to me. I dismissed her and underestimated her. Just a coincidence or occupational hazard?

Who’s the director now.

You played dead. You killed yourself off.

I left that world of deception for you. You weren’t suppose to be apart of it.

Well, this is my world. Not yours.

4 more days after tonight…

I raised my flag long ago. You should of done the same.

Of course I need counseling after what you’ve put me through. Who wouldn’t!

Well, my world now, my rules. Even after I’m dead I can still have things in motion. You can’t stop what you started a year and half ago or should I say 4 years ago…. I can’t stop what happens after I’m dead.

Only she will benefit from your fiasco. I’m at least okay with that.

My world, I’m the director here.